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Projects Department

Tasks of the Projects Department

 The projects department prices the new projects and continues to transmit them to the company and then form a cadre for those Projects and follow up the progress of work and overcome the difficulties faced by the addition of the audit plans and the preparation of specifications for the tenders announced by the company and the preparation of schedules of quantities for those tenders The department also prepares the tables of quantities adjusted after the submission of these tenders, in addition to checking the on-site doses sent from the project sites, and then promoting the advances transactions for these seeds and promoting the spare orders required by the work, in addition to preparing the information about the need of these projects of different materials. Direct execution in terms of the cost of purchasing materials and labor involved in the implementation of these transactions and prices prevailing in the local markets and is considered as a link between the implementation sites and centers of decision-making in the company and between the company and higher authorities And between the company and employers.