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Planning and follow-up department

Tasks of the planning and follow-up department

1- Planning and programming the implementation of the assigned tasks, preparing the human and material resources for them and following up their implementation within the specified program and preparing a statistical database for the formation.
2- Preparation of studies and research that contribute to the development of the company's work either directly or through the mechanism of cooperation with the universities and provide proposals and initiatives that contribute to raising the efficiency of performance.
3- Developing the company staff through the establishment of training courses and lectures inside and outside the company to raise the level of performance.
4- Implement occupational safety and environmental protection measures.
5- Conduct field visits to project sites to convey the reality of the work situation, activate the pros, identify the obstacles and negatives, and submit proposals that contribute to overcoming them and overcoming them. And send monthly reports to the headquarters of the Ministry on the status of projects.