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In support of our security forces and the heroes of the popular crowd ... .. Al-Mutasim General Contracting Company organized a campaign to donate blood

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Under the patronage of Eng. Laith Selim Alamir, General Manager and Chairman of the Board of Directors of Al Mutasim General Contracting Company, one of the Ministry of Construction and Housing, the Media and Relations Division organized, in coordination with the Human Rights Division, a blood donation campaign to support our security forces and the heroes of the popular crowd on April 20, 2015. p>

تWork continued on the residential complex project in Basra Al Mutasim General Construction Contracting Company continues to work on the residential complex project in Basrah Governorate in favor of the Ministry of Displacement and Migration. The project includes the construction of 300 residential units in the form of two models of multi-storey buildings according to specifications and technical drawings. Residential Buildings The B model includes 10 residential buildings in addition to the service buildings (school, kindergarten, market, mosque, health center, municipal council, inquiry building, maintenance room, water pumping stations and heavy water). M The cost of the project is 43,559,000,000 dinars and the work has reached the advanced stages of implementation. Span>-

Division of production workshops in Al-Mutasim General Company Quality in production and efficiency in the performance of the strong> p>

The production division of the important people in Al-Mutasim General Contracting Company includes two workshops for blacksmithing and other carpentry. Since its establishment, the division has met the needs of the company's projects and projects of other formations. Wooden doors, iron blocks, battalions, ironwork and other works through skilled manpower, engineering supervision and specialized technician in order to reach quality of high quality. The production workshop at Al-Mutasim General Company is ready to carry out the work of forging and carpentry and the specifications and requirements that the beneficiary wishes. Strong> p>


Al - Mutasim General Contracting Company or stems from her womb Experiences engineering and technical excellence 

Al-Mutasim General Contracting Company for construction or stems from its womb Experiences of engineering and technical excellence in our belief in the future of Iraq is developed and prosperous and our dedication to work and love for him We put most of our ideas and our scientific and practical efforts to advance our country and reach the required level of development and development We look forward to the countries and civilizations of the world The civilization of Mesopotamia, which is the civilization of Mesopotamia, which is witnessed by all the countries of the world and is at the top of its rise and its name and glory and we had to be only the level required to promote this reality and add new fingerprints in order to preserve that ancient civilization and attention to A between all the peoples of the world and through this window of our company General Mu'tasim Construction Contracting company took one of the formations and the Ministry of Construction and Housing It is one of the largest companies in the implementation of construction of bridges and large urban projects. The workshops are one of the joints of Al-Mutasim General Contracting Company. It contains two workshops: a workshop for blacksmithing and another for carpentry. Formations of the ministry through the manufacture of wood and iron doors in addition to the manufacture of windows and battalions and iron and other works and miscellaneous skilled technical worker and under the supervision of technical and engineering specialist to obtain good quality in production, Please note that our products demonstrate the international product according to the quality system specifications (ISO). Where the workshops provided all the company's projects with the requirements of the work and according to the requests received and the implementation of a high level of quality in this context, the workshops are ready to carry out the work of carpentry and blacksmith and specifications and requirements that are agreed with the beneficiaries.