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Factory department productivity

Factory department productivity

The casting plant ready is one productivity laboratory of the department of productivity In the lab muatasim . general contracting onstruction , where is one of the important josts to supplement the company´s projects of high concerete tributaries 1.2 m and 0.85 m, as well as ordinary pillar and pillars articular . Factory jobs 1-Do produce concrete with high technical specifications. 2-distribution business as competent on the production lines infactary 3-study plans and designs and mixing ratios for each product before beginning production. 4-secure construction materials required for each product through advertising or direct purchase as well as measurements construction materials processed . 5-organizing documents of receipt and issued storage of materials before and after the production . 6-doing production , according to the desired output type (substrates or tributaries) . 7-action necessary laboratory tests of materials . 8-sending documents to the department of finance and the department of productivity lab purpose reverse commissioned articles produced and sold to enterprises .