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automotive dept

Department activities Description ((Department activities brief )) One of the most important activities Which is performed by automotive dep :

1-Operate a specialist Workshop for all kinds of equipments maintenance and repairs , covering all the tools necessities and mechanicals needs associated to them.

2-Initialize and train a technical staff to perform equipments Maintenance and repairs.

3-Issues and presenting all the reports and tables and daily attitudes to the highest company administration or ministry .

4-Issues the computing attitudes of all equipments available which is required to present monthly in time appointed for each .

5-Receving the modern equipments assigned to our company by the ministry , and get the permissions and confirmation to buy cars from the universal or respective sector .

6-Switching and receiving fat , oil , fuel rations from thr oil productions company .

7-Carring out the transportations for moving the required equipments and other different necessities from one place to another in Baghdad or other governorates to cover the company´s dept.s and corps needs.

8-Purchasing the spare parts that needed for equipments repairs , from the local markets as well tiers and batteries through committees formed for this purpose .

9-Maintenance and repairs of the all the broken mechanical equipements to re use again in the service and lesson the percentage of the broken one as possible as we can .

10-Marking the purchased spare parts and tiers and barreries in the computer and the register not book .

11-Nominating the broken equipments which is not economical to repair fpr sailing or cancelling .

12-Assigning mechanical equipmens to the corps and progects according to the work´s require needs , coordinating with the highest company authority.

13-Initiating dep . working staff in training courses for the purpose of improving and developing rhier admin.and technical work abilities .

14-Passing the purchased spare parts and tires and batteries to the ware house.

15-Discharging all kinds of equipments coefficients after completing the fundamentalist procedures .

16-Issues and composing letters and private letters associated with ato-motive dept .

17-Marking and record ato-motive staff and updating information related to individuals .

18-Getting approvals to assign new technical cardes and drivers after passing a test carried out by specialist technical committees .